Items of loss for which an auto accident or personal injury victim can recover are called damages.  Maryland law allows an injured person to recover monetary compensation for all damages that result from the negligent conduct causing injury.

An auto accident or personal injury victim may be entitled to substantial damages, including . . .

  • Pain and Suffering:  Ordinarily, the most valuable element of your bodily injury claim is the right to money compensation for the physical pain and mental anguish you have suffered and will endure in the future because of your injury.  These general damages are in addition to, and may be far more than, the amount of your lost earnings and medical expenses.
  • Medical Expenses:  The cost of all reasonable and necessary medical expenses incurred and that are reasonably certain to be incurred in the future because of your injury are recoverable.These damages include past (already-incurred) medical expenses and also future medical expenses, which may be the product of the original injury or that result from an increased susceptibility to future injury. All forms of care and treatment, whether hospital, medical, therapy, nursing, diagnostic testing, surgery, physical rehabilitation, or pain management, are included.You can recover the full value of your medical expenses from the responsible party even if your health insurer has paid all or part of your bills.
  • Loss of Earnings: You are also entitled to recover the loss of earnings suffered from your injuries. Thus, wages, commissions, bonuses, and all other earnings and fringe benefits are recoverable.
  • Future Loss of Earnings:  If your injuries permanently limit your ability to earn, you can recover the value of the reduction in earning capacity that with reasonable probability will occur in the future. These damages compensate you for your lost earning power over the remainder of your working years.
  • Disfigurement:  If the injury causes scarring or other unsightly marks, you are entitled to recover for the disfigurement and humiliation or embarrassment associated with the disfigurement.
  • Damage to the Marital Relationship:  Serious injuries to one spouse may cause damage to the marital relationship. If this occurs, you are entitled to recover for the loss of society, affection, assistance, conjugal fellowship, and loss or impairment of sexual relations that occurs.
  • Damage to Your Vehicle Or Other Personal Property:  You are entitled to be made whole for any damage to your personal property. Where they can repair your vehicle, you are entitled to recover the reasonable cost of restoring the vehicle to its condition before the collision. In addition, you may recover the cost of substitute transportation necessarily incurred while they are repairing your vehicle. If the cost of repair is more than the value of your vehicle (a "total loss"), you are entitled to recover the full value of your vehicle before it was damaged.


(CAUTION: Changes in the law concerning damages occur frequently. You should consult with an attorney with respect to these changes)

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