Of course, no lawyer can guarantee the outcome of any case. Still, if you decide to hire me to help you with your injury claim, you'll get the next best thing.

A guarantee of my hard work and commitment.

Here's how it works . . .

  • I feel so strongly about my abilities that I share the risk of success with you by basing my fees on the results I get for you. Instead of paying me by the time spent on your case, I'll receive an agreed percentage of the settlement or trial award that you obtain.
  • No Recovery . . . No Fee.
  • The fee percentage can differ in different types of cases and situations.  I'll go over these with you in detail at our first meeting. You'll know exactly what the fee and responsibility for case expenses will be.
  • If you hire me, we'll each sign a written agreement so there will be no confusion.
  • Most often, I will advance all of the initial costs for your case.  Because of this, you can get your case started without paying any money.
  • You also have my guarantee that my staff and I will return your phone calls and treat you with the respect and courtesy you deserve.


When you decide to retain me, I will invest my time and my resources to get the best result for you.

You'll have the best guarantee possible . . . my hard work.

I only get paid if you get paid. It's as simple as that.


(NOTICE: Client may be responsible for expenses in some types of cases.)

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