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Neck & Back Injuries

“I was just sitting there, stopped for traffic in front of me.  Suddenly, I heard tires screeching and then my car was smashed from behind.  I was thrown forward and then my body snapped back.  It all happened so fast, there was nothing I could do.  My neck and back have been hurting me ever since”.

In over 35 years of helping car accident victims, I have heard this many, many times.  Neck & back pain from injuries are among the most common reasons why people seek medical attention after car crashes, or other kinds of personal injury and work accidents. 

The forceful, quick, and abrupt movements of your body from accidents disrupts their inner structures, and can cause:

  • tears to the connective tissues (whiplash)
  • injury to spinal discs (herniation)
  • broken bones in the spine (compression fractures)

Depending on the injury suffered, an injured person may have to deal with a wide variety of symptoms.

Connective tissue injuries can cause pain and stiffness in the neck, back or shoulders; headaches; swelling; muscle spasms; limited motion; or joint pain.  Injuries to the spinal discs also frequently cause pain to radiate to the arms or legs, with burning pain, numbness, and muscle weakness.  Day-to-day, symptoms commonly vary from better to worse.

Necessary treatment will usually require emergency care, medical evaluation and testing, physical therapy, home exercise or treatment program, and use of medications.  In severe cases, surgery may also be necessary.  Depending on the injury, and the type and length of treatment, the medical cost can be immense.

Dealing with the physical pain from an injury is only one part of the problem.  Depending on the severity of the injury, routine daily activities with family and friends can be prevented or limited.  And depending on your work and the physical tasks you must do, neck and back injuries may prevent you from working, stressing you and your family’s finances.    

“I was nervous & shaken up, but it wasn’t until a few days later that my neck and back began to hurt.  What should I do now”?

This is something else I frequently hear from car accident or personal injury accident victims and reflects one of the peculiar things about neck & back injuries, something insurance companies will use to take advantage of you.  Symptoms do not always appear right away.  It is only days later that you begin to feel symptoms.

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