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Maryland Injury Statutes of Limitations

The following is a general statement about some deadlines for some types of cases:

  • Auto Accident, Slip and Fall, Defective Product - 3 years from the date of injury
  • Medical Malpractice - 3 years, can be extended to 5 years in some cases
  • Notice of claims against the State of Maryland - one year from the date of injury
  • Workers Compensation - Accidental Injury: Filing of Employee's Claim within 60 days of the accident (can be extended up to two years in some cases), 18 months in death claims; Notice to your employer within 10 days after the accidental injury and 30 days after death;
  • Occupational Disease: Filing of claim within two years from date of disablement, two years in death claims; Notice to employer within one year after worker knows or has reason believe they suffered an occupational disease.


(WARNING: These are general statements of limitations in Maryland. There are many exceptions and you should consult a lawyer concerning your particular claim and the applicable statute of limitations and any available exceptions. If you've been hurt, contact a lawyer IMMEDIATELY to make sure you do not let any of these important deadlines expire!)