Inside Secrets  Insurance Companies  Don't Want You To Know  About Your Injury Claim

If you've been injured in an car crash or work accident, there are some "inside" secrets insurance companies don't want you to know about your injury claim.

Here are just a few of them:

  • Rigid time deadlines exist in which you must sue or make claim for different types of cases or you lose your rights forever! You may need to act now to prevent your claim from being lost due to the passage of time. Time could be running out!
  • If you've been injured through no fault of your own by someone else's negligence, Maryland law entitles you to recover various types of money damages.

But not all damages are recoverable in every case. And damages must be provable in court. You must start to document your damages right away. The failure to properly document your injuries and losses now may prevent you from getting what you deserve later.

But the deepest secret that insurance companies don't want you to know is the importance of . . .
. . . hiring the most competent, aggressive, strong willed, and savvy lawyer you can find!


Because they pay less than they should and get away with it!

Leaving you with less than you deserve!


The worst thing to do is what too many people do . . .
. . . delay or do nothing!

Too many people have told me they wished they had acted sooner, before important witnesses moved and could not be found, before delays or gaps in their medical treatment proved fatal to their case.

I've encountered many injured people who failed to seek the "right" legal advice. Some of these people haven't gone to a lawyer because they did not know they had the right to compensation, some were intimidated, and some had bad experiences with other lawyers in the past.


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