When a Baltimore personal injury lawyer is evaluating your injury case, there are certain deciding factors that will drive his or her decision to accept it. The timing, nature of your injuries and even the location of the incident are important considerations.

If you waited a long time after the incident to contact a Baltimore personal injury lawyer, your hesitation could be detrimental to your case. The statute of limitations may limit your ability to sue. On the other hand, if you initially handled the case without contacting a lawyer, you could have made unresolvable errors.

Nature of the Incident
It should go without saying that if you are entirely at fault for the injuries you incurred, you’re not likely to find a Baltimore personal injury attorney who wants to take on your case. Likewise, if you are vague about the details of the accident or are difficult to work with, your case is not going to look very appealing.

The place where the incident occurred is an important factor that a Baltimore personal injury attorney will consider for the simple reason that it would be inconvenient to try a case outside the county or locality of the attorney’s office.

Injuries and Medical Attention
Medical treatment is important in every personal injury case, and if you fail to obtain it, your case will be viewed with scrutiny. Along the same lines, your Baltimore personal injury lawyer will prefer a claimant who is able to adequately describe their injuries. The nature of your present physical complaints is also an important consideration. Your prospective attorney will want to know whether your condition has stabilized, improved or if it presents the need for ongoing treatment.

If there were witnesses present at the scene of the incident, your lawyer will want to speak with them and promptly conduct interviews.

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