Baltimore personal injury law firmBaltimore personal injury law firm can explain the 4 classes of pain and help determine what level of pain you are experiencing. 

A Baltimore Personal Injury Law Firm Discusses Class 3: Moderately Severe

1. You feel pain almost all the time, and the pain intensity ranges from 9 to 10 on a scale of 1 to 10.
2. The pain prevents you from performing numerous routine activities, and you can perform activities of daily living only after making significant adjustments. 
3. You are limited by pain to the point that you struggle to adequately perform the examination. If you are able to go through the examination, the result does not offer a simple conclusion. 
4. You constantly exhibit pain behaviors, which appears consistent and congruent with organic dysfunction. 

A Baltimore Personal Injury Attorney Explains Class 4: Severe

1. You suffer from non-stop pain which consistently reaches 9 to 10 level in the intensity scale. 
2. You require assistance with performing most activities of daily living (such as getting dressed, cooking, showering), which now takes significantly longer to accomplish.
3. You are under so much excruciating pain that you cannot perform routine examination maneuvers (such as ambulating to allow palpitation). This means that undergoing a physical examination becomes impossible. 
4. The pain behaviors you display appear to be consistent with organic dysfunction. 

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