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Are you still waiting for your insurance claim to be approved? Attorneys at a Baltimore personal injury law office warn that if your claims adjuster may fall into one of the following categories:

  • Dirty Harry
  • The Low-Baller
  • The Foot-Dragger

Dirty Harry: “Make my day. File your suit.”
Some adjusters would rather not deal with your case, and have their workload pass on to their attorney, thereby reducing their caseload. Contrary to popular belief, insurance adjusters are not penalized for having their claims go to litigation. A Baltimore personal injury lawyer offers the following reasons why and adjuster may take the Dirty Harry approach:

  • They have worked with their defense attorney before and have an agreeable and less hostile relationship than with you or your attorney;
  • They no longer have to deal with conflict, specifically that of your attorney; and
  • Their workload is lessened.

The Low-Baller
The insurance company saves money by under-evaluating claims. Some adjusters do this out of ignorance or missing information that is important to your case. Others think this is the best approach because they assume your attorney is “high-balling,” and they need to counter that. This also tells claimants that it will not be an easy procedure.

The Foot-Dragger
Insurance adjusters are not in a hurry to pay out claims. The longer they wait, the more money in interest is earned. Insurers make their money by investing, not by writing insurance. The actual business of underwriting insurance is only a portion of the income of insurance companies. Most income is accrued by investing the money earned from insurance premiums, and the longer they hold your money, the more money they make. Therefore, the longer an adjuster waits to agree to a claim payment, the more money the company makes.

For more information on tricks insurance adjusters play in order to delay payment of your personal injury claim, contact Baltimore personal injury law office at Law Offices of James Lee Katz, P.A. at 443-394-0900 or 800-564-7808. 

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