From the moment you file a personal injury claim, the person or company who caused the accident will be referred to as the defendant. In many successful claims, your Baltimore injury lawyer can prove that negligence on the part of the defendant caused the accident. Therefore, that defendant should be responsible for any expenses associated with the accident. Often, those expenses will be paid out by the defendant's insurance company. However, there might be a situation where your Baltimore injury attorney will have to sue the defendant to recoup those expenses. This is all part of the process. Baltimore Injury Lawyer

Working With the Insurance Company:

When your Baltimore injury lawyer files your claim, the defendant's insurance company will get involved by setting up their own investigation. After taking depositions from the defendant and gathering all the evidence, they might determine that the defendant is indeed at fault. From that point on, the adjuster will be working directly with your attorney and will have very little contact with the defendant. 

Moving Onto the Lawsuit: 

If a settlement is reached, then you'll be paid and the case will be closed. However, if the insurance company does not consider their client to be at fault or balks at the settlement amount, then you're well within your rights to enter into a formal lawsuit. At that point, the defendant might have to hire their own attorneys. 

Resolve Your Claim With a Skilled Baltimore Injury Lawyer:

Through this entire process, your attorney will keep you informed. The Law Offices of James Lee Katz, P.A. has a proud history of successful outcomes in these types of cases. Call them today at 443-394-0900 or 800-564-7808 to see if they can help with your claim.

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