Baltimore personal injury attorneyNo matter how legitimate you feel your personal injury claim to be, there is usually something that makes an insurance claims adjuster suspicious about it. After all, it is his job to be skeptical of claims and to be wary of people looking for a quick payout. There are certain red flags that are likely to make the adjuster suspicious immediately, which will make it more difficult for you and your Baltimore personal injury attorney to reach an acceptable outcome to your claim. To make your claim easier, try to figure out if there are any red flags in your case before you file your claim.

Timing of Hiring an Attorney

Although having a Baltimore personal injury attorney represent you can be helpful, insurance adjusters tend to be skeptical of those who have retained an attorney immediately after the accident. Adjusters prefer to work with the claimants themselves, as they feel the process will go more smoothly than if they have to go through a lawyer. If there is not even a dispute over the value of your claim, the adjuster will wonder why you felt the need to get an attorney so quickly.

It looks better to adjusters if the claimant waits some time after the accident before deciding to retain a Baltimore personal injury attorney. Contacting an attorney the same day of the accident, or even from the scene of the accident as has been known to happen, is definitely a warning sign that the claimant may be motivated by something other than recovering from their injuries.

Claim Consciousness

Adjusters are wary of claimants who seem to be overly familiar with the personal injury claim system and the ins and outs of filing claims. Those who have a long history of making workers’ compensation claims or personal injury lawsuits will be regarded with suspicion, and their claims examined much more intensely. Similarly, if a claimant seems to be eager to reach a quick settlement, the adjuster might suspect the validity of the claim.

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