An attorney from a Baltimore personal injury law firm can talk about what you can expect at your deposition. Additionally, he or she can inform you of how your deposition can affect the eventual outcome of your case.

Purpose of Depositions

Depositions can help your attorney prepare for trial or better assess the value of a settlement. Depositions represent the first time to see whether the witness would likely make a favorable impression on the jury. A lawyer may depose a witness to determine what information the witness knows about the lawsuit, whether it is favorable or unfavorable to the lawyer's client. Here, the opposing side can see how the witness looks, how he or she behaves, and the overall impression that the jury may have of the witness. Another purpose of a deposition is to fish for ways to discredit unfavorable testimony. An attorney may also try to get a witness to commit to certain answers so that he or she can later be impeached with inconsistent testimony.

What to Expect

An attorney from a Baltimore personal injury law firm can explain how depositions work and what to expect. This proceeding involves being questioned under oath. Someone records the answers that you provide at a pre-determined location, time, and place. Many lawyers practice with their clients before the day of the deposition to give them a better sense of the types of questions that they will be asked. Lawyers may ask a wide variety of questions at depositions. The questions need only relate to the case or lead to the discovery of facts that relate to the case. Some lawyers have depositions videotaped and played back to the jury. After the deposition, you will have an opportunity to review it and to make any corrections to it.

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