Baltimore personal injury law firmWhile mid-sized insurance carriers may have a more reasonable settlement philosophy, an attorney from a Baltimore personal injury law firm can explain that large insurance companies tend to have a more conservative approach. As a direct result, your Baltimore personal injury attorney may discuss insurance adjusters in the context of their employers because they will likely reflect the philosophy of the company that pays them. Here are some aspects of large, conservative insurance companies and their settlement philosophies.


No Aversion to Lawsuits

Some smaller insurance companies may do everything possible to avoid the expense and time consumption of litigation. However, large, conservative carriers often have a Baltimore personal injury law firm on retainer to help protect their legal interests. Additionally, large insurance carriers tend to have successful outcomes with smaller claims in which juries may only award amounts equal to the amount of medical bills that the victim incurs. 

Bonus Structure

In addition to being reflective of the insurance carrier's personal philosophy, insurance adjusters may also be influenced by the bonus structure in place at the insurance company. Some insurance carriers have bonus structures in place that provide monetary compensation when insurance adjusters are able to resolve claims for next to nothing.

Influence on Victims

In some cases, large insurance companies may attempt to contact the victims of car accident cases. This contact may be to try to convince victims not to consult with an attorney. But, in order to get the most out of your claim, you should not let them deter you. Contact the Baltimore personal injury law firm of the Law Offices of James Lee Katz, P.A., by calling (443) 394-0900.

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