The digital age is upon us; however, filing a Social Security disability (“SSD”) claim online is not always the preferred way to begin this process. Filing and maintaining a claim is complex and has multiple steps that require you to interact with Social Security Administration (SSA) staff. Baltimore personal injury lawyer James Lee Katz has the patience and knowledge to help you navigate the SSA’s procedures.

Filing Your Claim

It is possible to file a SSD claim on the Internet; however, you will still have to follow up either in person or over the telephone. The suggested method of filing your claim is to telephone a SSA teleservice center using the SSA’s toll-free number (1-800-772-1213). Your first call will result in the SSA making an appointment for you with an SSA representative from a local office. Your third option to start the application process is to go to a SSA office and fill out your application there. Our Baltimore personal injury lawyer will help prepare you prior to beginning your application process. That way you will know what to expect at every step along the way.

For example, during your initial appointment, you will provide all the information requested bu the SSA representative. You must sign the application yourself, so whether you file your application online, in person, or have it mailed to you after a telephone interview, there are opportunities for your lawyer to help you monitor your claim.

Initial Determinations

Following your initial interview, your claim will be evaluated to determine if you qualify for disability benefits. The SSA does not actually make the decision, as the state government has an agency that it contracts with for determining disability. Usually a medical doctor and a layman (called a disability examiner) will evaluate your claim. Once the state agency team makes a decision on your application, the SSA uses that determination.


It is highly likely that even if you do everything right, your claim will be denied, and you will need to file an appeal. This appeal is called a request for reconsideration. Nationwide about 7 out of 10 SSD claims are denied at the initial application stage. When you request reconsideration, your request will be reviewed by the same state agency that made the determination on your initial application (but by a different team). Unfortunately, the reconsideration process does not often change the outcome of your application. The next step is to request a hearing before an administrative law judge.

Get Help from a Skilled Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyer

In most cases, a disability hearing does not occur until at least one year after the initial application is filed. Let Baltimore personal injury lawyer James Lee Katz help drive your application and appeal process to keep your claim on track and moving forward as quickly as possible. Call today for a free, no obligation consultation at 443-394-0900.

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