You are in a partnership with your lawyer, it is important that you do not make any mistakes that will reduce the value of your case. While your case is pending, whether there are settlement negotiations happening or you are waiting for a trial date, it is very important that you avoid saying and doing certain things. It is also important that you take specific actions to assist in protecting your case. Experienced Baltimore personal injury lawyer James Lee Katz has seen the old adage “loose lips sink ships” come true all too often. Here are some tips that will help you ensure that your case is not sunk.

Protect Your Credibility

Your credibility is a key factor in your case, and once it is lost, there is no getting it back. As the plaintiff, you and your family will be under scrutiny. Therefore you should avoid:

  • Conviction of a criminal offense 
  • Contact with witnesses that negatively impacts on their testimony
  • Poor conduct at work that could affect your employer’s testimony
  • Drama in your personal life, such as marital problems
  • Discussing the facts of your case in public places or with potential witnesses, as anything you say could be used by the defense against you

Be An Active Participant

You are responsible for assisting in the preparation of your case. Therefore, you should:

  • Keep proper documentation of injuries, medical bills, and treatment
  • Mitigate your damages, i.e. try to recover your health and/or employment
  • Follow your doctor’s orders and keep medical appointments 
  • Keep your attorney up to date on your employment, address, and health
  • Keep appointments with your attorney, follow advice regarding deposition testimony, answers to interrogatories, and trial strategy

Get Help From a Skilled Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyer

If you or a loved one is the victim of a car accident, work accident, work-related disease, personal injury accident, or wrongful death accident, Baltimore personal injury lawyer James Lee Katz can help protect you and your family. Call today for a consultation at 443-394-0900.

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