Depending on the severity of the injury you have sustained, there are likely to be significant costs associated. Your Baltimore personal injury attorney can explain how to manage the bills as they come in.
Delaying Payment
Many medical providers are willing to delay payment on your bills until your case has been resolved. Providers should be notified of your intentions to do so as early as possible. This is particularly helpful since, regardless of liability, most insurance companies are not will not pay your bills as they are incurred. Rather, you will have to wait until the conclusion of your case for a lump payout, which you can then use to satisfy any outstanding medical bills.Baltimore personal injury attorney
Ensuring Payment Occurs
Your attorney will withhold the appropriate amount from your award so that all medical providers will be paid. You may have to complete documentation acknowledging that you understand and are giving permission for the money to be withheld. 
Moving Forward With Your Personal Injury Claim
If you have been injured, it is wise to seek the advice of an attorney immediately. Your Baltimore personal injury attorney can work with medical providers to delay payment and will ensure that all bills are paid at the conclusion of your case. For more information contact Law Offices of James Lee Katz, P.A. today. Call 443-394-0900 or 800-564-7808 to get started.

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