Baltimore personal injury lawyerA Baltimore personal injury lawyer knows that occasionally an adjuster will conduct “activity checks.” An activity check is also known as a “sub rosa investigation” and resembles an undercover investigation. During this investigation, an adjuster visits the claimant’s neighborhood and questions neighbors concerning the physical condition of the claimant, his or her professed disability, etc. Neighbors may be asked questions of this nature:

  • Is Mr. X physically active?
  • Have you seen Mr. X raking leaves or mowing the grass?
  • Have you seen Mr. X working on his car?
  • Have you seen Mr. X performing yard work? or
  • Do you know that Mr. X has sustained an injury and is disabled?

Taken alone, a Baltimore personal injury lawyer will advise that none of these questions may be damning or even admissible. However, if a claimant’s neighbors inform the adjuster that he or she performs physical activities, a red flag may be raised in the mind of the adjuster. 

Nevertheless, a Baltimore personal injury law firm is well-aware that, in order to discredit a claim or place it in a position to be denied, either photographs or videotape must provide proof of the claimant performing the type of strenuous physical activity that undermines his or her personal injury claim. This usually involves long hours spent in a surveillance van. Since adjusters seldom have the time necessary to perform adequate surveillance, they will typically retain a private firm to obtain the needed proof. 


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