Your Baltimore personal injury attorney can help you understand a frequently misused tactic of insurance companies: the act of taking your statement before you're represented by your Baltimore personal injury attorney. The adjuster tends to write up the statement article in a way that is prejudicial for your case which is more or less just paraphrasing your words. If the statement they have written down is thought to be "essentially correct," the adjuster will have you sign the statement and it can be used against you later in negotiation. Your Baltimore personal injury attorney will assist you to find a better way to navigate this type of situation.Baltimore personal injury attorney

An example of this process is when the adjuster approaches you after an accident resulting in injuries and medical bills. It may be the other party's insurer who will warp your words to hurt you later. At this time, it will be too late for your Baltimore personal injury attorney to help you with the statement. Your Baltimore personal injury attorney will aid you through this by insisting the statement be made in their presence. If your statement has inconsistencies of any kind, the adjuster will exaggerate them to help prevent you from obtaining proper compensation for your injuries. 

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