Documenting Your Pain and Suffering for the Insurer

Baltimore personal injury law firmThe most important thing for your personal injury claim is that you understand that you are selling a product – your pain and suffering, also known as damages. You and your Baltimore personal injury law firm need to convince the insurance company of the extent of your damages.

Your damages consist of general damages (pain and suffering) as well as special damages (medical bills, lost wages and property damage). To ensure you are compensated for your pain and suffering, you should be sure to document it thoroughly. That doesn’t just mean the treatments you receive but also the pain you experience. If you have to take painkillers or anti-inflammatory medication to deal with the pain, take note of the dosage and emphasize it in your report. Your Baltimore personal injury law firm, in the initial demand to the insurer, will want to explicitly lay out how your pain is affecting you and how severely, as well as any injuries that have resulted in loss of range of motion or permanent loss of any body part.

File a Claim with a Baltimore Personal Injury Attorney

Claims of pain and suffering are difficult to prove. Insurance adjusters almost never take them at face value because adjusters are so used to seeing claimants exaggerate for sympathy in their practice. Your Baltimore personal injury law firm and you should obtain a statement documenting any losses, such as a statement from your employer documenting lost wages due to your injury.

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