Testifying at your personal injury trial will be one of the most important events at your trial. Much of your case depends on how you tell your Baltimore personal injury attorneystory to the jury. Here are some tips that your Baltimore personal injury attorney might give you regarding how to be a compelling witness when you take the stand.

  • Do not get angry or frustrated at the defense attorney. Even if you think he or she is being unfair or dishonest, keep calm and try to answer the questions to best of your ability. Losing your temper will cause the jury to lose sympathy for you;
  • Whether you are being questioned by the defense attorney or your Baltimore personal injury attorney, listen carefully to every question before you answer. Do not begin answering a question before the lawyer has finished asking it;
  • Make eye contact with the jury. You are telling your story to them, and you want them to believe you. Looking at them straight in the eye will help them believe you;
  • Do not play-act or exaggerate things just for show. Your injuries should speak for themselves. Faking that they are worse than they are will just make jurors suspicious of your story;
  • Tell the truth and nothing but. Aside from the reason that not doing so would be perjury, if you lie, the defense attorney will try to call you out on it, which could be devastating to your case; and
  • Do not look to your Baltimore personal injury lawyer for answers. Make sure you are well-prepared so that you can testify about your story without needing direction from your attorney.

If you have more questions about how to testify at your personal injury trial, contact a Baltimore personal injury attorney. Call the Law Offices of James Lee Katz, P.A. at 443-394-0900 or 800-564-7808.

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