The first question any Baltimore personal injury attorney usually gets from a prospective client is “How much is my case worth?” Though Baltimore personal injury attorneysome attorneys might try to give an estimate, the fact is that it is difficult to predict the answer to this question with any accuracy in the early parts of the case. There are too many unknowns and figures that have not been finalized just after your injury for your attorney to have any more than big-picture guess. However, there are known factors that will influence the value of your case.

Loss of Income

Any income or employment benefits, such as sick leave or vacation time used, that you lost because of your injury are taken into account. These should be easy to include if you provide your Baltimore personal injury attorney with documentation of lost wages or time taken off.

Bills, Bills, Bills
Medical bills that you incurred due to the injury are the baseline factor used to determine the value of your case. This does not just include treatment costs, but also diagnostic tests, physical therapy, medication, chiropractic care and any other care you have been prescribed. Keep complete records of these to give to your Baltimore personal injury lawyer.

Quality of Life
How has your life been impacted by the injury? If you have had to give up leisure activities or hobbies, these damages will also be taken into account. Loss of ability to socialize or be with your significant other will also factor into the value of your case. Do you have any permanent scars or disfigurements from your case? Anything that will influence your life going forward even after you have recovered will be taken into account.

The Legal Questions
The most important that you and your Baltimore personal injury lawyer will face is liability. Are you in any way responsible for what happened, or was the defendant entirely at fault? If you can provide witnesses or evidence that your account of what happened is correct, that will go a long way toward establishing that the defendant had complete liability for your injuries.

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