A frequent question clients ask of a Baltimore personal injury lawyer has to do with how the insurance company will view settling personal injury claims.Baltimore personal injury lawyer

A Baltimore Personal Injury Attorney Will Explain That Insurers Are Not Afraid of Court
The size of a personal injury case is often irrelevant to the insurance company when deciding to go to court. The expenses they will face in defending a smaller claim generally won't be prohibitive when compared to the possibility of losing a hefty sum in a verdict. The insurer would prefer not to pay $5,000 to defend a case worth $9,000, but they will. The insurance company doesn't want to give the idea that they'll offer a settlement because they don't want to go to court.

How the Insurance Claims Adjuster Handles a Case
The adjuster would like to close files, but won't do it if it means settling a case for a substantial amount more than it's worth. When a case goes to trial, the adjuster hands it off to the defense lawyer.

The adjuster might need approval before paying a claim as the settlement could later be called into question. The settlement must be justified and documented. It won't be completed with one or two phone calls.

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