While it is impossible to identify all factors in a car accident that may cause a neck injury from whiplash, there are some variables that a Baltimore personal injury lawyer can evaluate to get a rough estimate of the possible risk of a neck injury. Following is a brief explanation of these variables:

Awareness Level of the Occupant

There is a general belief that you will have suffered less trauma if you were aware of the impending collision and had the chance to brace yourself. However, it can be difficult to determine exactly what a person was doing at the exact moment the accident occurred.

Gender of the Injured Person

Women are more likely than men to develop chronic neck pain due to whiplash. Experts have theorized that this phenomenon may be the result of differences in seating position or anatomy.

Position of the Head

There is an increased risk for neck injury if a person's head is turned when an accident occurs, as opposed to looking straight ahead. This is because the spine is exposed to more complicated stresses when a person's head is turned, which results in an increased risk of neck injury.

Weather Conditions

Differences in road surface and weather conditions can affect the severity of an accident and the injuries that may result.

The Speed and Size of the Cars Involved

If a large car is rear-ended by a small car, the risk of neck injury for the occupants in the front car is lower. On the other hand, if a small car is rear-ended by a large car, the risk of neck injury for the occupants is increased. In addition, the speed of the rear car also influences the risk of injury.

The Angle of the Vehicles

The angle that a vehicle was struck at also influences the risk for a whiplash or neck injury. For instance, a straight-on collision is less risky than a crash from an angle. An angled crash may cause a person's spine to twist, causing a neck injury.

Working with a Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyer

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