Many injured individuals do not realize that there is one particular practice that they can do to potentially increase the value of their claim. Maintaining a daily pain log can be an excellent tool that will allow your Baltimore personal injury attorney to fully develop a chronicled argument to the court regarding your disabling condition. Winning a personal injury claim is not as simple as filing a motion in court, even when there is ample medical evidence to support the claim. Maintaining a pain log involves distinct information recordings. A good discomfort log will be comprehensive in description of inability, even when pain is not involved, and can illustrate how limited the disability has rendered the victim.

The Purpose of the Log

An experienced Baltimore personal injury attorney can use the log as part of the overall material case facts, especially with respect to general non-economic pain and suffering damages. A thorough amount of discomfort information can provide more negotiation leverage for your Baltimore personal injury attorney when attempting to arrive at a maximized claim settlement. A solid disability log will list the time of day and the activity being performed, along with an in-depth description of the physical inability or experienced pain. It is very important to also include a register of the severity of pain and the subsequent inability to function normally, as compared to physical ability before the injury was suffered. It is imperative for a claimant to provide an ample amount of information regarding the injury to prove that harm was actually done, and that the harm is a direct result of the negligence of the respondent party. While it is the responsibility of your Baltimore personal injury attorney to prove to the court that all conditions of a valid claim have been met, the personal injury victim can still be a real asset in enhancing the value of a claim when they are meticulous in maintaining a disability log.

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