Baltimore personal injury attorneyThe adjuster assigned to your case will want to determine how clear the liability is. The outcome will largely depend on whether you're in a comparative or contributory negligence state. From there, the insurance adjuster will want to know whether you were at fault. Sometimes, adjusters try to blame other parties to reduce the amount of whatever settlement is reached. Also, the adjuster will look for soft spots in your case to use as discount points in order to reduce the settlement.

Your Baltimore personal injury attorney will assign an investigator. The ensuing report, if it is 100-percent favorable, should be presented to the adjuster. Ideally, your lawyer should make the same presentation to the adjuster as he or she will to the jury.

Aggravating Factors on the Part of the Defendant

A seasoned Baltimore personal injury attorney will look for aggravating factors that apply to the defendant. For instance, has the defendant been in the media due to business problems? Have large settlements been awarded against the defendant in the past? Are any criminal charges pending? Has federal, state or local government action been brought against the defendant?

Personal Injury Attorney's Track Record

The track record of your Baltimore personal injury lawyer will have an impact on the outcome of your case. How many similar cases has he or she handled? Has he or she generally won, lost or leveraged through settlements?

Valuation Sources

Your lawyer should seek outside valuation sources to appraise the true worth of your case. He or she can look at comparable claims and awards, check out published reports of similar cases, have discussions with other attorneys and use valuation software.

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