Unfortunately, for people who have been genuinely injured in accidents, insurance companies are fighting back against one of the most common aspects of personal injury claims and one of the common types of cases for your Baltimore personal injury law firm: low-impact soft-tissue damage. The insurers have waged a vast public relations campaign about the impact that low-impact collisions and lawsuits are having on their industry, arguing that many a Baltimore personal injury law firm is only looking to exploit minor injuries for easy profit.Baltimore personal injury law firm

This has resulted in many low-impact collision cases where the defense verdict, despite the best efforts of a Baltimore personal injury law firm, is no more than a portion of the medical bills. Jurors see the kind of Baltimore personal injury lawyer who advertises on television soliciting accident victims as clients and get angry because they think the lawyer is creating the lawsuit and contributing to a problem in our society.

There are other reasons contributing to a culture of skepticism around these cases, which your Baltimore personal injury law firm will try to ameliorate. When people drive by an accident and see a disastrous wreck, they think that must be the only kind of accident that results in serious injuries. By contrast, if there is little or no property damage in an incident, they assume that there must not have been serious injuries. But your Baltimore personal injury lawyer can explain why this reasoning is faulty: cars are equipped with a host of collision-resistant devices such as impact bumpers, while people are not so much. Damage to the body can still be great even if the car is unharmed.

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