While you may wish to quickly and calmly dispose of your claim, the Baltimore personal injury law firm that is representing you may warn Baltimore personal injury law firmyou about tactics that the insurance company may use in an attempt to gather more information. The insurance company may use these tactics as a guise of helping you to resolve your claim, but there can be drawbacks to your case to cooperate in some ways. 

Medical Authorization Forms
Insurance adjusters might ask you to sign a medical authorization form. These types of forms are often drafted in a broad manner. Your Baltimore personal injury law firm can explain that these forms might give the adjuster the opportunity to check into your complete medical background, much of which is probably not relevant to your case. 

Reasons to Sign the Form
Your Baltimore personal injury attorney understands why you might think about signing such a form. You may be hurt and off work due to the injuries that you suffered. You might hear that signing such a form can help your case get resolved more quickly so that you can get your recovery more quickly. You may believe that if you cooperate with the insurance adjuster that you might have a better probability of receiving your payment quickly. Another reason that you might sign such a release is for convenience. The insurance adjuster may explain that he or she needs a copy of your medical expenses to resolve the claim, so signing the form means that you will not have to gather these documents. 

Your Baltimore personal injury law firm can explain the risk of signing such a form. Contact the Law Offices of James Lee Katz, P.A. at 443-394-0900 for more information.


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