Clients of an attorney from the Baltimore personal injury law firm often have questions about how insurers will try to get them to accept reduced settlement amounts.

Tactics Your Baltimore Personal Injury Attorney Frequently Sees From Insurance Companies

1.     False settlement authority entails the claims representative going to a higher-up and getting a memo stating that a finite amount will be paid to settle the case when they know the case is worth much more;

2.     Excessive depreciation tables are generally not linked to the individual's case, but are used to try and reduce the amount the claimant will expect;

3.     Free help is a tactic to make the situation inconvenient and expensive for the claimant. The insurance company could make the claimant pay for vehicle salvage out of his or her pocket without reimbursement;

4.     Non-disclosure would include the claims representative refusing to provide damages that the claimant is owed. This can involve not paying for a rented car and giving suggestions such as public transport or help from a friend; and

5.     Professional time defense will be used if the claimant is in a professional position such as a doctor, attorney or business owner and they try to use the claimant's need to get back to work as a tool.

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