baltimore personal injury lawyer at witness standAlthough the vast majority of personal injury cases settle before trial, it is imperative for a Baltimore personal injury attorney to prepare each case as if it will be resolved in the courtroom. Not only it is important to demonstrate to opposing counsel and the insurers for the defendant of the willingness to go to trial, some cases are almost impossible to settle fairly without litigation. When a trail is inevitable, the plaintiff’s counsel will proceed through the following final steps.

Deposing Witnesses

Not every witness that the opposition plans to call at trial will be deposed, but strategically determining which ones will be and skillfully conducting the deposition can provide a Baltimore personal injury attorney with invaluable information to make the most of cross-examination during the actual trial. Additionally, it is important to prepare one’s own witnesses for depositions conducted by the other side.


Pre-trial motions serve primarily to narrow the issues that will be covered during the trial. Issues such as who can testify, the scope of testimony, the admissibility of evidence and the determination of certain factual matters can be sorted out before trial with the submission and subsequent argument of motions to the trial judge.

Final Trial Preparation

Leading up to the trial date established by the court, there are many procedural steps required by each judge that counsel must be aware of and comply with. Arranging for witnesses appearances, including subpoenas where necessary, are among the most critical final steps, as is meeting with and preparing the client and witnesses for their trial testimony. Counsel will review all the evidence and finalize methods for its presentation in court. Reviewing the jury pool and preparing a jury questionnaire and a draft of the opening statement will be among the final steps.

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Retaining experienced counsel who has an established record of trial success provides a tremendous advantage to the injured plaintiff in a personal injury case. For a full understanding of the role of counsel, call the Law Offices of James Lee Katz, P.A. at (443) 394-0900. 

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