Baltimore personal injury law firmThe most important part of your case is your trial. As such, you need to be prepared to testify and do the best possible job when you take the stand. These suggestions will help you make a good impression. 

Suggestions When Witnessing

Know the information that you previously gave during the deposition so that your answers during the trial are consistent. Avoid talking about insurance because it will probably mean a mistrial, which could mean a possible delay of months or even years in your case. Dress conservatively and nicely as though you were going to church or a professional event. Make sure that you know your specific medical information. The professionals at our Baltimore personal injury law firm can provide you with practical ways to help you implement these suggestions.

Additional Tips 

Do not exaggerate about your case as it will hurt you and could lead to a complete discrediting of your testimony. Maintain a level of decorum in the courtroom. Don’t be glib or sarcastic on the stand. If the jury laughs, you can join them, but don’t initiate jokes. Be polite to everyone, even opposing counsel. Use respectful terms when addressing the judge, attorneys and others in court.

More Help from a Baltimore Personal Injury Attorney

If you have questions or concerns about preparing to testify in a personal injury case, call James Lee Katz for help. You can reach our Baltimore personal injury law firm at 443-394-0900 or toll-free at 800-564-7808.


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