Clients of a Baltimore personal injury attorney often ask what will happen if the insurer decides not to settle the case.
A Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyer Will Explain What Will Happen If No Acceptable Settlement Offer Is Made
There is no guarantee that the insurance company will make a settlement offer that is acceptable. If no acceptable offer is made, litigation will be necessary. When the lawsuit is brought, it will customarily be against the individual, individuals or company that caused the injuries you suffered. The insurance company will not be the target of the lawsuit except in the event that it is a driver who is not insured or not insured sufficiently.

Your attorney might tell you that it is wise to wait before moving forward with a lawsuit. Perhaps the insurer will reconsider and make a settlement offer that is deemed acceptable. If there is a substantial difference between how your attorney and the insurance company value the case, it will probably require litigation.

Factors That Could Lead to the Case Going to Litigation
The following are likely reasons for a case to go to litigation:

  1. The insurer thinks you are asking for too much in compensation;
  2. The insurance company is denying liability, or they believe that you and/or other parties are also responsible for your injuries;
  3. The insurer has a policy that they prefer to take cases to trial;
  4. The insurance company is trying to stall in the hopes that you will lower your demands; and
  5. The insurer doesn't think that you are injured or believes you are embellishing your injuries.

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