Baltimore personal injury attorney The insurance company hires claims adjusters to limit the amount of payments to claimants or even prevent them when possible. Adjusters might use several tactics to avoid paying you. Our Baltimore personal injury attorney has dealt with difficult adjusters and has the knowledge to work with them. 

Social Standing

A claims representative might use a claimant’s position against them, such as their membership in a gang, job as stripper or unemployed status. They can use this information in an attempt to sway the jury to rule against a claimant. 

Baltimore Personal Injury Attorney

The insurance company might use their own personal injury lawyer or retain one to write an opinion statement regarding the supposed minimal value of the claim. If the adjuster presents the claimant with this information, they might fall for this tactic. 

“Expert” Testimony

The insurance representative might seek an “expert” who will testify to anything that reduces or even denies this claim. The “expert” might not be given the correct information to make a fair decision in the case, so their testimony is biased. A professional at our Baltimore personal injury law firm can review such testimony and provide the necessary information so that the jury can make an informed decision. 

Out-of-area Claims

When an accident occurs out of state, the adjuster knows that the inconvenience of travel, time off work, meals and hotels might prevent the individual from taking the case to trial. They might unfairly use that knowledge against the claimant and offer a very low settlement. 

Our Baltimore personal injury attorney can provide additional information on how to recognize questionable techniques an insurance adjuster might use. You can reach the Law Offices of James Lee Katz, P.A., at 443-394-0900 or toll-free at 800-564-7808 for further information. 


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