Baltimore personal injury law firmHave you suffered from a minor injury? While some injuries may be dubbed "minor" by individuals in the personal injury industry, an attorney from a Baltimore personal injury law firm believes that the definition of a minor injury is different than you would expect. A "minor" injury is one that does not result in permanent injury and also does not prohibit you from resuming all of the activities that you enjoyed before the accident. Under this definition, you can suffer from a variety of serious injuries and still have them deemed "minor."

Type of Injury

Your attorney can explain that insurance companies analyze a variety of factors to determine the value of each claim. The type of injury that you sustained has a direct impact on the potential settlement value.

Evidence of the Injury

In order to determine the type and degree of injury, an insurance adjuster reviews objective evidence. This commonly includes information contained in medical reports and medical records. Observable injuries often have more objective evidence to identify them, such as x-rays.

Subjective Evidence

You should know that there may also be subjective evidence of pain. This may include your complaints of pain. You can bolster your claim regarding unobservable injuries by showing that you were unable to work or partake in daily activities due to the injuries.

Areas of Disagreement

An insurance adjuster may identify areas where there is disagreement. For example, the insurance adjuster may dispute your attorney's explanation of the extent of the injury. Additionally, he or she may allege that the injury was pre-existing.

Legal Assistance

If you would like more information about what constitutes a minor injury and factors that can affect the value of your claim, contact a Baltimore personal injury lawyer at the Law Offices of James Lee Katz, P.A. by calling (443) 394-0900. 

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