Baltimore personal injury attorney While you may ask your Baltimore personal injury attorney if your case is likely to settle, he or she may not be able to give you the definitive answer that you want. However, your Baltimore personal injury lawyer can give you some advice on what you should do while waiting for a settlement offer. 

Stay in Contact

It is important that you maintain contact with your Baltimore personal injury attorney. Until you receive an official settlement offer, your attorney will likely proceed with your case as if you are going to trial. As such, he or she may ask for information that is necessary to disclose during the discovery process. Interrogatories and requests for production may require that you submit them within a limited time frame. If your phone number or email address change, let your attorney know right away. Additionally, inform him or her of any changes to your injury, marital status or employment status. If your lawyer calls and you are not available, call back promptly. 

Gather Evidence

As the plaintiff, you will have direct access to necessary evidence in your case. Your Baltimore personal injury attorney may ask you to get medical bills when you go to the doctor and retain employment records that show your lost income. If other documents are requested as part of a discovery request, get these documents promptly and provide them to your attorney. 

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