If you have been seriously injured in an accident, at some point, you'll find yourself dealing with an insurance company. While many adjusters will deal with you fairly, a Baltimore personal injury lawyer can help you spot tactics used by the less-than-scrupulous ones.Baltimore personal injury lawyer

The Travel Hassle
In order to force you to take a quicker, cheaper settlement, an adjuster may try to convince you of all the time and aggravation you face traveling back to the state where your accident happened. The idea is that if you don't settle, you'll have to take your case to court and a lowball settlement can save you the hassle. With your own Baltimore personal injury attorney advocating for you, you can take away much of the guesswork. Travel to and from another venue may be minimal or nonexistent.

Personal Attacks
Some adjusters may try to scare you by delving into your background. If you have a profession, or belong to a club that they feel isn't socially acceptable, like a motorcycle club, for example, they may try to convince you that settling quick will keep this information quiet.

Using Baltimore Personal Injury Attorney
Some unsavory adjusters even try to tell you you're shooting yourself in the foot if you hire a lawyer. The adjuster often uses the angle that "your lawyer will cost you money and delay things." Nothing could be further from the truth. Also, it is unethical for an adjuster to try to dissuade you from hiring your own counsel.

Experts Who Aren't Experts
You'll often get an expert report prepared by the adjuster that seems to justify a low settlement amount. Remember, an insurance company expert is paid by the insurance company and his/her report may not be what it seems.

At the Law Offices of James Lee Katz, P.A., you can speak with an experienced Baltimore personal injury lawyer who knows how to spot unscrupulous delay tactics used by some insurance adjusters. Call 443-394-0900 or toll free at 800-564-7808 to arrange for an initial consultation to discuss your legal options.


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