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Law Offices of James Lee Katz, P.A.

What satisfied clients have to say about Attorney Jim Katz

I've helped the victims of Maryland car accidents, work injuries & illnesses, neck & back injuries, personal injuries, and wrongful deaths for more than 35 years.  We work very hard to give our clients the support they need to deal with the medical, emotional, and financial effects of their injury, and to see to it that things are made right for them.

At the conclusion of each case, I ask my client to complete a Client Satisfaction Survey.

Clients are questioned about ...

  • their experiences and treatment with my office and staff
  • whether they were kept adequately informed
  • whether they were provided adequate explanation of the legal principles involved in their case
  • their happiness with their access to lawyers and staff
  • the responsiveness of the lawyers and staff in returning phone calls
  • and most importantly, whether their expectations were met

Here's what some of my clients have said . . . I hope one day your comments will be posted here!

"You met my expectations in all areas ... I was very pleased in all aspects, even down to questions I asked in different areas ... "

"Thank you for your services ... we were quite satisfied ... "

"We wish to thank Jim Katz on his sincerity, integrity, and his professional manner in which our case was handled ... "

"I am very happy with the outcome of my case ... "

"Mr. Katz, your firm is thorough and showed expertise in the working of workers' compensation cases and laws ... "

"I was very pleased in all aspects ... I will certainly 'spread the word' about your firm and definitely keep you in mind for my future needs ... Thank You"

"If I need their services, I will call on them again. They are very professional and very well informed ... "

"James Lee Katz is a very fine gentleman ... I felt at ease talking with him"

"Yes, you met my expectations very well ... "

"The quality of service was excellent ... I would recommend you to others"

"Mr. Katz, you and your staff all have done a fine job ... "

"I was very pleased with the outcome knowing what was facing me ... You are excellent and showed concern ... Thank you"

"I have the full list of services that was provided to me ... Also, I have recommended you to other people, if they ever need an injury lawyer ... "

"Thank you for providing constant information on my case and asking for my opinion before making any decisions ... "

"Mr. Katz was very nice ... he was also helpful in every way to help me be prepared for my court hearing ... "

"Jim Katz and his staff was very attentive to our case ... I would highly recommend him to others ... "

"Yes, you met my expectations very well by keeping me informed ... "